LESA is the largest dealer video inventory provider, with 85,000 vehicle video views daily throughout our dealer customer sites.

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LESA is a leading provider of vehicle video inventory for car dealers and other video products such as dealer video testimonials that deliver Video SEO results. Check out these great video stats by Invodo.

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Vehicle Video Inventory

Real HD full motion video for your new and used vehicle inventory on your website, Autotrader, Cars.com, YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist. Automated REAL human voice over narration with music. Consumers want, expect and watch video across the web.

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Dealer Video Testimonials

You work hard to deliver quality products and services to your customers: Why not get the word out? Your grateful clients have a lot to say, and with the LESA video testimonial app, it’s easier than ever to let the world know just how much you’re appreciated.

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Vehicle Walk-Around

Why just tell potential customers about your inventory when you can show them? Increase your lead conversion rate with full-motion virtual vehicle tours. Record and email a short video of a customer-inquired vehicle in stunning HD. Automatically add a salesperson’s picture and info to as well as a fully customizable message.

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